The Belarus Connection

Much is known about the at-the-time flourishing relationship between Belarus and Iraq not long after the first Gulf War – even the BBC reported on the strong ties between the two nations.  Saddam even part-funded a public library in Minsk such was the closeness of the relationship.

But what is really interesting is the sorts of quotes found in articles like this one from USAToday, 5th June 2003:

Belarus had developed such close ties … that it even made the short-list of countries where analysts and diplomats expected Saddam could seek refuge.

The plot thickens; The Independent went so far as to report on 24th June 2003:

Senior officials of the former Iraqi regime may be trying to flee to Belarus.

It is well known that the Belarus has poor relations with the USA, so it is not surprising that Belarus would stand out as a destination of choice amongst the Iraqi elite.

But the biggest question lies around the events of March 29th 2003.  As reported by The World Tribune on 25th April 2003 – and I urge you, faithful reader, to consider that at this point the USA had total air supremacy in the area – there was an apparent evacuation of the Iraqi elite:

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has obtained safe haven in Belarus…

Western intelligence sources … base this assessment on new information about a March 29 flight from Baghdad to Minsk. They said the flight of a chartered cargo plane … transported Saddam, his sons and much of his family to Belarus.

Remarkable. Remember, at this time the USA had complete control over all flights in, out and around Iraqi airspace.  Even more interesting is that this flight left Baghdad and then headed direct to Iranian air space where again, no intervention took place.

Remarkable parallels can be drawn to the “bin Laden flights” out of USA shortly after September 11th, where the elite were allowed to leave with no intervention from the authorities.

For the bin Ladens, oil and corruption was (and still is) the obvious answer, but the with control of Iraq an inevitability one major question remains:

Why did the USA military allow the “Hussein flight” from Baghdad to Minsk to take place?

Refutation Part 1

A lot of people have been coming up with “answers” to supposedly prove that Saddam is dead, or that it cant have been a body double or whatever. Thats fine if you want to believe that, but there are flaws in all of these arguments. Lets take a closer look at some of the “arguments” (in bold) that people have used, and why they generally suck.

  • “first off having lived on a military base and married to an MP the first thing they do is medical with full blood work to check for aids and verify DNA if need be”

DNA fingerprinting is fine, but are you checking aginst the “real” DNA? Plus, DNA fingerprinting is only accurate to 1 part in a billion. There are about 6 billion people on the planet and 5 seems like a reasonable number of body doubles to me, so there is an indisputable chance that Saddam shared his DNA with his 5 body doubles. You can’t argue with statistics.

Good effort, but living on a military base and being married to “an MP” (whatever that means) doesn’t qualify you to talk about human biology.

  • “second, after living in a hole with no sun and only canned foods and no running water for dental hygeineand no medical treatment for how ever long, and lack of vitamin A (sunlight) and vitimin C (scurvey) the gums will soften and the teeth will shiftand begin to rot”

As any 12 year old will tell you, the teeth are rooted in the jaw, not the gums so it wouldn’t make the teeth rise and fall if the gums were merely soft – if anything the teeth would fall out instead, but as we can see he had a full set of teeth.

Having already exposed you as an idiot, the 12 year old will take further delight in baffling you with the logic that if a skeleton’s teeth remain intact and inline in the skulls of long dead people and animals burried underground for many years, why would they “shift” in a living human just because they were in a hole for a few months where it was dark and he only had canned food?

  • “If there is anything different about his face, it is because the TROOPS beat the shit out of it when they captured him. As they well should have.”

So you mean that the US troops are just as bad and just as evil as Saddam’s terror-filled and evil tyranical rule was? Opps – dont think you meant to say that about the US “heros” in Iraq did you…

Even so, a beating so severe that it will misalign the teeth like that would cause significant damage to the jaw bone. His jaw looked to be in pretty good condition when I visited him.

  • “HE’s dead…even if he is not, and I can’t believe i’m even entertaining this idea…it appears that he is…and that’s the point”

No you are missing the point – if there is any chance – any chance at all – that the “real Saddam” is still alive, it gives hope to the Sunis and will just prolong the civil war.

  • Hmmm, do you suppose that just maybe it’s because they’re all DEAD?!?

Thats just what they want you to think! By using the “Out of sight, out of mind” technique, they are hoping that when it comes round to the elections again no one remembers anything.

  • “as for saddam being dead, well…. there is only one true Judge in the end and that is God and that is who Saddam will answer to sooner or later”

The flaw in your argument here is that “god” doesn’t actually exist. QED.

Please feel free to leave any comments on this blog – unlike some people, we dont censor or edit anything you say so go ahead.

The Mobile Phone Guy’s video

I have had some requests from people asking for me to send them The Mobile Phone Guy’s video, or tell them were they can get it. To save everyone some hassle I’ve put a copy on Google video that you can watch.

This is the video of the supposed “execution”, and so some of the images may offend you – even if they are not the real-deal.

The Body Double Revisited

There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the original Body Double theory at the moment. Lets have a closer look.

In the past – particularly during the first Gulf War – the media and politicians were always quick to remind us how many body doubles Saddam had, for example The BBC‘s Panorama programme and The Scotsman both discussed the doubles, as well as work by forensic pathologist Dr Dieter Buhmann. It was pretty much held as common knowledge that Saddam had and was using Body Doubles on a regular basis.

Fast forward to today, and the issue of body doubles has been convienitently ignored by the media. Even if the “real” Saddam was captured, surely someone would have at least seen the others by now? They cant have been hiding in a hole in an orchard for 4 years!

So this brings us to the question – did they get the real Saddam? When the US infamously declared “We got ‘im!”, how could they be so sure he was the “real” Saddam? Where was the voice of caution reminding us that he might have been a double?

Just to really drive the point home here, lets look at a picture. On the left are two photos of “Saddam” before capture, and on the right are two photos of “Saddam” after capture.

Check out the teeth!

Saddam and soem doubles

I have blown up and highlighted the lower tooth line from both the pre-capture and post-capture Saddam. As you can see, on the left we have a near perfect set of lower incisors, yet on the right we have a wobbly set of frankly pretty poor looking teeth.

Either this is a different person, or the US troops that captured Saddam beat him hard enough to really screw his teeth up this badly.

Another thing you will have noticed are the red circles. On the two lower Saddams you can clearly see a mole on his left temple. On the top-left Saddam this mole is missing. Top Left Saddam is therefore not the same individual as Lower Left Saddam due to the missing mole, and Lower Left Saddam is not the same as Lower Right Saddam due to the teeth.

Therefore there are at least 3 people who might be the real Saddam! Yet the politicians and the media have ignored this? Why?  Is Lower Left Saddam the genuine article?

I’d be inclined to argue that the real Saddam wouldn’t have such poor teeth whilst all his body doubles had immaculate sets, likewise I dont think he would have sat in a hole just waiting to be captured.  Perhaps Lower Left Saddam’s mission all along was to get captured and sacrifice himself so the real Saddam can escape.

The Crash Mat

“jakarta_al” left a comment on one of my other posts about Body Doubles highlighting another problem with the footage we saw from The Mobile Phone Guy.

I’ll let “jakarta_al” explain:

I would like to voice my concerns (grave) having watched the execution’s cameraphone video; you see, after “Saddam” drops the scene goes dark and the camera shakes so much you cannot see what is happening in the very grainy video. Based on this video evidence we cannot say reasonably that Saddam Al-Tikrit did not simply fall through onto a mat below the gallows.

I did some more research on the video after reading this. “jakarta_al” is indeed correct – the video goes from what was otherwise a very clear and well lit viewpoint into a dark, confused and shaky period. When the footage returns, we are presented with what appears to be (again very dark) footage of Saddam’s body hanging. Was this a continuous shot? Was there a cut in the film here?

Curiously, in the second half of the video the head of “Saddam” (note that we never actaully see the rest of the body) is shown to be at the same hight, or even slightly below, the camera. Why is this? Surely if The Mobile Phone Guy is standing next to the body, “Saddam”‘s legs would infact be touching the same floor that he is standing on.

As “jakarta_al” alludes to, perhaps there was simply a crash mat below the gallows, allowing Saddam to land without injury on the hard concrete floor of the chamber. Could “Saddam” simply be sitting on the floor when this half of the film was shown, posing for the cameras with the rope around his neck?

Clearly there are a lot of unanswered questions here.  Rest assured that I will continue my investigations until the truth has been uncovered.

Saddam “silenced” by “retired” Rumsfeld


Earlier this year Rumself “retired” from his post of Secretary of Defence. Some were happy to see the back of him at last after making a big mess of the rematch of the Gulf War, but little did they know that he is still there, behind the scenes pulling the strings.

And what was one of the first things Rumsfeld did in his new secret string-pulling position in government?

I think we all know the answer to this!

Clearly the execution of Saddam was forced through the puppet Government/Courts of Iraq by Rumsfeld to prevent Saddam from talking about the secret deal they agreed on – captured forever and shown in this photograph – to supply Searle a vital constituent for aspartame, shortly before it gained FDA approval.

Livin’ it up at Club CIA

As we are all no doubt aware, the CIA America is responsible for 90% of the world’s lunatics and crackpots (the other 10% being from the UK). Osama, Saddam, Pol Pot, Pinochet – you name them and the CIA had a hand in setting them up in their cushy murderous lifestyles.

Notice how none of these people are ever seen any more!!!

No doubt that Saddam is now on a flight on his way to Diego Garcia, where he will be able to enjoy a variety of fine beverages (alcohol-free for Saddam and Osoma of course!) and foods from around the world, and exchange tall stories with the other members of Club CIA.

The Body Double

One of the most obvious theories that has sprung into everyone’s mind is the Body Double.

For years the Western Media continually told us that Saddam has/had countless body doubles – individuals picked out from the population based on their age, build, height and so on and then forced to undergo plastic surgery to look like Saddam – to fool potential assassination attempts.

But what about that now? Is this the real Saddam we saw getting executed? Curiously the media has not once mentioned the body doubles!

Perhaps the truth is that the real Saddam is in fact alive and well and living in New York?

UPDATE: There has been an updated look into the detailsof the Body Double theory.  You can check it out on the Body Double Revisited post!