The Body Double

One of the most obvious theories that has sprung into everyone’s mind is the Body Double.

For years the Western Media continually told us that Saddam has/had countless body doubles – individuals picked out from the population based on their age, build, height and so on and then forced to undergo plastic surgery to look like Saddam – to fool potential assassination attempts.

But what about that now? Is this the real Saddam we saw getting executed? Curiously the media has not once mentioned the body doubles!

Perhaps the truth is that the real Saddam is in fact alive and well and living in New York?

UPDATE: There has been an updated look into the detailsof the Body Double theory.  You can check it out on the Body Double Revisited post!


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  1. jakarta_al on


    Thankyou for writing this article; I feel it is an important step towards uncovering the truth about this whole event. I would like to voice my concerns (grave) having watched the execution’s cameraphone video; you see, after “Saddam” drops the scene goes dark and the camera shakes so much you cannot see what is happening in the very grainy video. Based on this video evidence we cannot say reasonably that Saddam Al-Tikrit did not simply fall through onto a mat below the gallows.

  2. mr flibble on

    lol good talez like it

  3. […] Does the intervention from the rescue party (pictured above) explain the sudden and unexplained cut in The Mobile Phone Guy’s video?! Is this when “the switch” for one of Saddam’s Body Doubles was made?! […]

  4. The Crash Mat « Saddam Is Alive on

    […] The Crash Mat Posted December 31, 2006 “jakarta_al” left a comment on one of my other posts about Body Doubles highlighting another problem with the footage we saw from The Mobile Phone Guy. […]

  5. […] Posted January 2, 2007 There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the original Body Double theory at the moment. Lets have a closer […]

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