The Body Double Revisited

There seems to be a lot of momentum behind the original Body Double theory at the moment. Lets have a closer look.

In the past – particularly during the first Gulf War – the media and politicians were always quick to remind us how many body doubles Saddam had, for example The BBC‘s Panorama programme and The Scotsman both discussed the doubles, as well as work by forensic pathologist Dr Dieter Buhmann. It was pretty much held as common knowledge that Saddam had and was using Body Doubles on a regular basis.

Fast forward to today, and the issue of body doubles has been convienitently ignored by the media. Even if the “real” Saddam was captured, surely someone would have at least seen the others by now? They cant have been hiding in a hole in an orchard for 4 years!

So this brings us to the question – did they get the real Saddam? When the US infamously declared “We got ‘im!”, how could they be so sure he was the “real” Saddam? Where was the voice of caution reminding us that he might have been a double?

Just to really drive the point home here, lets look at a picture. On the left are two photos of “Saddam” before capture, and on the right are two photos of “Saddam” after capture.

Check out the teeth!

Saddam and soem doubles

I have blown up and highlighted the lower tooth line from both the pre-capture and post-capture Saddam. As you can see, on the left we have a near perfect set of lower incisors, yet on the right we have a wobbly set of frankly pretty poor looking teeth.

Either this is a different person, or the US troops that captured Saddam beat him hard enough to really screw his teeth up this badly.

Another thing you will have noticed are the red circles. On the two lower Saddams you can clearly see a mole on his left temple. On the top-left Saddam this mole is missing. Top Left Saddam is therefore not the same individual as Lower Left Saddam due to the missing mole, and Lower Left Saddam is not the same as Lower Right Saddam due to the teeth.

Therefore there are at least 3 people who might be the real Saddam! Yet the politicians and the media have ignored this? Why?  Is Lower Left Saddam the genuine article?

I’d be inclined to argue that the real Saddam wouldn’t have such poor teeth whilst all his body doubles had immaculate sets, likewise I dont think he would have sat in a hole just waiting to be captured.  Perhaps Lower Left Saddam’s mission all along was to get captured and sacrifice himself so the real Saddam can escape.


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  1. malaprop aka izzy on

    The last CIA dossier on SH that I saw maybe 5 years ago, described SH as unable to walk unassisted, due to crippling arthritis. That he was only photographed seated anymore—that his hair had turned prematurely white decades ago, and used an expensive hair dye ever since.

    Also that SH had not been seen in public for over a year (this prior to invasion.) The standin they had for the trial was no where near 70 years old.

  2. Jad on

    Even if there are body double of Saddam would they face the execution in the same manner? do they have the same charisma? I don’t think so.

  3. Onur on

    There are a few things that you havent pointed out or i didnt get to see here.. If you look at his very young photos, like his 20s and 30s, you see that real saddam has no mole above his left or on his left cheek, so i consider him as real saddam.. real saddam has also dipple on his chin.. but on his photos especially after 1990, we see a saddam who has mole both on his cheek and above his eyebrow with no dimple.. and take a look at his shaven photo to confirm identity after “they got him”.. i feel like they left his left side whisker longer than right, dont you think so? maybe im going blind :)but its long enough to cover the mole.. and he has no dimple.. this saddam appears so often after 1990 on photos, maybe saddam just evolved, who knows :)but i think whoever he was got executed, i didnt watch the video, i dont feel good watching that sort of things, but i saw some photo captures and my family & friends watched it, i can say his neck was probably broken so i disagree with the opposite idea about the mat stuff.. there is also difference between this man and the young saddam, its his nose.. this man’s nose is obviously bigger.. ok, lets say he got beaten, his nose were kind of swollen and his teeth were messed up but unless this mole can come out of nowhere and the dimple can disappear apparently, this is not saddam.. also saddam has lighter eye color and different expression, the way this man looks is distinctive.. but no matter who he was, i think he was treated badly.. nothing can justify the fact that they showed him in underwear, and acted like they were “fair”, they could have been manly but bush’s government isnt supposed to be is it.. and one more thing,they made him look like miserable when they “captured” him, but as far as i know, saddam’s hair was hard and curly type, which is really hard to mess up like that.. i dont know, maybe im just being stupid 🙂

  4. Onur on

    oh,and by the way, that shaved photo is the only one where he doesnt have beard after he was captured i have ever seen.. i wish peace for the sake of children all around the world..

  5. dsburto on

    Oh my gosh…does it ever end. How about this. Saddam, his two evil children and his half brother are all dead. OH MY GOSH…how could that be, something NOT be a conspiracy theory. Get a life, move on. HE’s dead…even if he is not, and I can’t believe i’m even entertaining this idea…it appears that he is…and that’s the point. He’s done, dead and gone. You Michael Moore co conspirators!

  6. MsBelinda on

    first off having lived on a military base and married to an MP the first thing they do is medical with full blood work to check for aids and verify DNA if need be, second, after living in a hole with no sun and only canned foods and no running water for dental hygeineand no medical treatment for how ever long, and lack of vitamin A (sunlight) and vitimin C (scurvey) the gums will soften and the teeth will shiftand begin to rot, the pupils are the same distance in all relative photos, as for same height , hold a cell phone over your head on your tip toes see how that works for shaking and filming, as for saddam being dead, well…. there is only one true Judge in the end and that is God and that is who Saddam will answer to sooner or later

  7. kev on

    fox hole pics showed dates on the trees when saddam was captured……….all the dates would have gone if it really was the time of year we were being told…….check it out!

  8. RJ on

    I was thinking alot on this lately, and when they first captured SH. I thought to myself, how can they distinguish this guy from the real SH, since the military advised us years ago, that he had more than several doubles, who had endured plastic surgery, ect?

    Alot doesn’t make sense, the teeth are a true smoking gun. How about the fact he spoke in 3rd person at his trial. “I myself, the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein!” for instance. The mole, another good point. The fact that the guy standing trial was 70! Saddam Hussein was known to keep physically fit, eat well, so for him to not look his age, is up for debate.

    Unfortunately, the nose and ears on a male human being, never stop growing. You won’t find any male in his 90’s with a small nose, or ears if you want to field test it. But I’m sure there are other internet sources to verify that. The nose on all of the pictures looks consistant if you figure in time. But the easiest make over surgery is the “Nose Job”. I think it’s a thing that should not be looked over. The US government has been known to tell the occasional lie. Drooling with sarcasim.

  9. RJ on

    Crows feet, cheek line, facial shape, are all inconsistant between the photos. I hope you add more information to this site, it’s garnering attention, being one of the top Google results for the search. Keep the motor running, and you just might draw enough attention to the issue at hand.

  10. jamie on

    The U.S.A. has had a continual policy of buying the criminals they believe are beneficial. There can be no debate on whether or not Saddam was better off dead. The image of the “evil doer” was more than enough to satisfy the misguided bloodlust of an angry people. No one will really ever care if a double stood in or not. The people who really commited the crimes are now installed as the “New Government” of the Gaza Strip, parliment of Iraq and Afganistan Qualifications? Worked for the World Bank. It’s getting very close to a call for arms. Gun control is for those who don’t know who the real targets are.

  11. bamaman on

    I saw Elvis and James Dean getting out of a UFO. Come on, guys, the DNA tests were done. Bush is NOT a liar. The real liars are the one who say he is a liar. Seriously, get a life and move on.

  12. Lol@Truth on

    Bamaman is a real smart cookie.

    Bush is a meer figurehead for an unseen trans national banking-military-corporate oligarchy and if faking a photo or a trial with one of Saddam’s 14 doubles is necessary to their plans then so be it. Saddam escaped on a belorussian cargo plane, thats an established fact

  13. osmorphyus on

    personally, i really hope he is still alive. gwar needs material for a few more albums. as well, the world always needs a bad guy. one who will outlive any of our evil presidents, i mean.

    what would all of the conspiracy guys have to decipher and pick apart afterall in a utopian, perfect society?!

  14. fazal on

    the man hanged is defnitely the real saddam, reasons
    1) if he was duplicate why he try to save himself by saying that he s not the real one ?
    2) saddam is extra ordinary courageous man , his duplicate cannot face hanging as he faced ( remember he laughed wearing noose around his neck just b4 his death)
    and i dont believe the story of that he was captured from an underground hole ( please look at the nes paper pic where at the back ground the dates fruits are shown, where as in december it s not the saeson for dates as i know its in july august)

  15. fazal on

    please read as my fist rason as “why he did not try to save himself by saying that he is not the real one?

  16. Soso on

    He is not Saddam , and I think Saddam Was Dead at last in the past when start the war at first pres

    good bye for Iraq

  17. Soso on

    Now I Hope Good Life For Iraq People

    Just For Iraq People

  18. I like reading through a post that will make men and women think.

    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  19. ahmedbensalha6491 on

    A reblogué ceci sur mahmoudoun and commented:
    In the context of the huge and multiple false flags made by the federal government on behalf of the Zionist financial cabale we cannot doubt that the assassination of Saddam Hussein is a drill ;besides Saddam is not so stupid to let himself being captured plus the fact that the bad image of this president when presented seems to be exagerated and fabricated !

  20. BushBastard on

    Bush is bastard!

  21. illuminati done this on

    bush is stupid, i believe iraq was only taken over for the OIL, illuminati are definitely involved in this somehow or another.
    Just wait till judgement day and we will find out all.

  22. on

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  23. Jeremy Corrin on

    The mole part of the theory is too weak. Moles can grow, be removed then grow back. A new mole can grow in same spot as an old one. Moles can grow and shrink (repeatedly), change colour and then theres make up to cover it. The teeth and behavior at trial however are interesting

  24. Fernando on

    Nice work. You are really getting to the bottom of this. I don’t believe Saddam is dead, but I am wondering. Could you explain to me why the double in custody didn’t just sell out the real Saddam. He obviously was ‘safe’ in hands of the US.

    • Angela Morretti on

      If you look at the Nazi soldiers that followed Hitler, they were indoctrinated from a young age, each into fanatical devotees, soldiers, & bodyguards. There were 10 & 11 year old children that would’ve given their lives to save his. I don’t doubt that Saddam would’ve had some of the same practices, it’s not enough to move someone brainwashed out of the environment, it is possible that each of his doubles believed that by giving their life to protect their beloved leader would grant them a special place in the afterlife. If there was any possibility that Saddam was still of any value via political or tactical knowledge, you can bet your bottom dollar that u.s. intelligence kept him around & knows where he is.

  25. quayyum on

    Maybe, yes his not a fool to stay in hole and wait for the us troops to undertake him, he is njoying some were maybe as retirement…

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