The Mobile Phone Guy’s video

I have had some requests from people asking for me to send them The Mobile Phone Guy’s video, or tell them were they can get it. To save everyone some hassle I’ve put a copy on Google video that you can watch.

This is the video of the supposed “execution”, and so some of the images may offend you – even if they are not the real-deal.


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  1. Mike on

    Hi, nice work.

    Anyways I believe that if he did die, he died a brave man and leader.

  2. shifa khanam on

    Akhir hum in america walon se aur ummid bhi kya kar sakte hain akhir sabse zyad lanat bhi inhi logon par huee hai in jaisa gira hua koi ho hi nahin sakta.

  3. shifa khanam on

    kash hum un palon ko mod sakte jab saddam hussain ki zindagi bahut khushhal thi

  4. shifa khanam on

    shifa khanam

  5. shifa khanam on


  6. shifa khanam on

    kash aisa kabhi kuch na hota

  7. shifa khanam on

    kash wo pal na hote jab k ko jang huee ho k apne apnon se juda ho gaye hon

  8. irfan on

    whatever it is he was a hero and died like a brave man

    • crystal on

      Are u really that stupid?

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