Refutation Part 1

A lot of people have been coming up with “answers” to supposedly prove that Saddam is dead, or that it cant have been a body double or whatever. Thats fine if you want to believe that, but there are flaws in all of these arguments. Lets take a closer look at some of the “arguments” (in bold) that people have used, and why they generally suck.

  • “first off having lived on a military base and married to an MP the first thing they do is medical with full blood work to check for aids and verify DNA if need be”

DNA fingerprinting is fine, but are you checking aginst the “real” DNA? Plus, DNA fingerprinting is only accurate to 1 part in a billion. There are about 6 billion people on the planet and 5 seems like a reasonable number of body doubles to me, so there is an indisputable chance that Saddam shared his DNA with his 5 body doubles. You can’t argue with statistics.

Good effort, but living on a military base and being married to “an MP” (whatever that means) doesn’t qualify you to talk about human biology.

  • “second, after living in a hole with no sun and only canned foods and no running water for dental hygeineand no medical treatment for how ever long, and lack of vitamin A (sunlight) and vitimin C (scurvey) the gums will soften and the teeth will shiftand begin to rot”

As any 12 year old will tell you, the teeth are rooted in the jaw, not the gums so it wouldn’t make the teeth rise and fall if the gums were merely soft – if anything the teeth would fall out instead, but as we can see he had a full set of teeth.

Having already exposed you as an idiot, the 12 year old will take further delight in baffling you with the logic that if a skeleton’s teeth remain intact and inline in the skulls of long dead people and animals burried underground for many years, why would they “shift” in a living human just because they were in a hole for a few months where it was dark and he only had canned food?

  • “If there is anything different about his face, it is because the TROOPS beat the shit out of it when they captured him. As they well should have.”

So you mean that the US troops are just as bad and just as evil as Saddam’s terror-filled and evil tyranical rule was? Opps – dont think you meant to say that about the US “heros” in Iraq did you…

Even so, a beating so severe that it will misalign the teeth like that would cause significant damage to the jaw bone. His jaw looked to be in pretty good condition when I visited him.

  • “HE’s dead…even if he is not, and I can’t believe i’m even entertaining this idea…it appears that he is…and that’s the point”

No you are missing the point – if there is any chance – any chance at all – that the “real Saddam” is still alive, it gives hope to the Sunis and will just prolong the civil war.

  • Hmmm, do you suppose that just maybe it’s because they’re all DEAD?!?

Thats just what they want you to think! By using the “Out of sight, out of mind” technique, they are hoping that when it comes round to the elections again no one remembers anything.

  • “as for saddam being dead, well…. there is only one true Judge in the end and that is God and that is who Saddam will answer to sooner or later”

The flaw in your argument here is that “god” doesn’t actually exist. QED.

Please feel free to leave any comments on this blog – unlike some people, we dont censor or edit anything you say so go ahead.


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  1. LawrenceX13 on

    I agree with all the statements. Just because there is only a small possibility of Saddam being alive (though I think that it’s only about 80%?), you can’t overlook it.

  2. Jeff on

    I believe, much like the video clip on states, that the “execution” was carried out simply to appease the people who hate Saddam. I will eat my hat if the US and Saddam didn’t come to some sort of agreement in which he revealed information in return for a leniant sentence (not the staged one you saw read out on TV). That in itself is an interesting point. All the news stations in the world roadcast the exact same thing after the verdict – scenes of Shia Iraqis cheering in the streets. And that was all it was done for. Remember also that when Uday and Qusay were killed, it was early on in the war and the Allies at the time thought they could win it if they took out key political figures. Saddam Hussein was captured months later, at the height of the guerrilla warfare. The Allies would not have been interested in him coming to any harm, as they were already looking for “alternative methods” of stabilizing Iraq and the Miiddle East in general. Hint hint.

  3. mufasa on

    any news etc??!

  4. VoDkA on

    I believe hes married to bigfoot and living happily in greenland. But I heard they broke up, as Bigfoot was cheating on him with Elvis and Jack Ruby.

  5. joe 90 on

    looking for news of more sighting

  6. Gelmpoumurl on

    Wow loved reading your article. I added your rss to my google reader.

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