Did we really see the Saddam die on the 30th December 2006?

I say we did not, and I plan to record all of the conspiracies I hear about the subject here for the benefit of History.

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  2. William Dorey on

    Weither Saddam is alive or dead should come down to the facts of DNA or teeth alignment. First of all, “We are only intended to see what THEY want us to see”. Of course they wanted Saddam to appear to be dead…Otherwise whats the point of the Iraq war?? The American government has been lying to the public ever sence I can remember. If 911 was a lie to invade the middle east, then how accurate is it that he is dead. Saddam knew his time was comming to and end. Of course this didnt bother him because it was planned sence he was put into power. People need to wake up!! These international bankers have been planning and financing wars for centuries. This is mearly one of their “old tricks”. Secret socities don’t execute its own members. Saddam was a 33rd degree freemason. Just as George Bush and countless other leaders throughout the world. I can’t say I have a clue where he is or what he may be doing but I do know that this execution is a HOAX. I am always open to the other side of things as well… So lets pretend that America had no part in 911. Therefore the wellfare of America is at steak. Saddam could harm us with these weapons of mass destruction, justifing the invasion. So where are the weapons???? Saddam killed countless muslims. He should be put to trial! Who is the American goverment to decide whats right in another country??? On top of that, Bush is not any better, lets not forget Guantanamo Bay!! Yeah, thats really American! Muslims are being held and tortured without charges. Many have no idea why they are there. If anyone should be executed it should be the Bush Administration for being so hypocritical. The truth is that Saddam, Blair, Bush and even the Queen all answer to the same group. They do as they are told like puppets on a string. So who is the puppet master??? Rothschild and decendants!!! This Execution was part of the plan to unify the entire middle east into a state called Isreal(also founded and funded by the Rothschild family). Watch and see… Iran is next… Then say bye to Chavez…

    The internet is the only “independant media tool left”

    See these videos on Youtube.com

    The Zeitgeist – The Federal Reserve.
    The Rothschild Family

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